Steve Ryan is a SAG/AFTRA Eligible Actor.  His resume includes film, television, commercials, theatre, voice overs and book narrations.  For Bookings, contact .  


You can view his Film & TV Acting Credits and Resume on IMDB by clicking HERE .  

Some of His Audiobook Narration Credits are listed below:  Many of these titles are Available on Audible, iTunes & Amazon


Dealing With Asthma by John Clover

Facebook Traffic: Discovering The Marketing Opportunities  By James Handerson

Exercise The Natural Way: Exercise Guide That Don't Cost You Much by Caroline Gan

Dealing With Stress: How To Conquer Your Stress And Not Let It Defeat You by Connie Paltrow

Life Destiny by Steve Ryan

Christmas Poetry For Everyone by Steve Ryan

Social Media Profit: Know The Benefits and What You Will Gain from Social Media by Janice Mendez

The Force: Identify Tools for Life by Kenneth Lovero

Soul Cleanse: No Adult Language (Volume 1) by Michael McCain

Daniel and the Lion's Den by Misty Wesley

Short Steps to Improve Your Credit  by Larry Mitchell

Own Future: Health And Wellness A Powerful Area To Target In MLM by Anita Rivera

The Secrets of Super Strength by T OFlaherty

Easy Self Help Tips to Make You a Better Person: The Most Powerful Guide On a Positive You by Timothy Harris

How to Be Frugal: The Scrooge Guide for Frugal Living: A Way on How to Live Life Differently by George Wilson

Sea, Swallow Me And Other Stories by Craig Laurance Gidney

Famke, the Lost Butterfly by Misty L Wesley

St. Martin/Sint Maarten Island (Travel Adventures) by K.C. Nash

Dog Humor: Dogs Are Just Really Big Jerks!  by Timmie Guzzmann

Humor Unicorns: Unicorns Are Just Really Big Jerks!  by Timmie Guzzmann

Funny Poem Book For Kids - Cat & Dog Humor Books & Unicorn Humor by Timmie Guzzmann

St. Barts Travel Adventures by KC Nash

Anguilla Travel Adventures by KC Nash

OUTCAST Ops: The Poseidon Initiative (OUTCAST Ops Book 2) by Rick Chesler

Leeward Islands Adventure Guide: Anguilla, Antigua, St. Barts, St. Kitts & St. Martin (Adventure Guides) by KC Nash

Heaven Sent: The True Meaning of Christmas by Misty Lynn Wesley

Angry Birds Go! Install Guide by HiddenStuff Entertainment

My Sister's Haunting by Thomas Malcolm

Can we be Friends??? By Misty L Westley

The Invisible Flower Garden: Will Duncan ever find it? By Misty L Westley


Frozen Free Fall Game by Hiddenstuff Entertainment


And many other audiobooks. Search Steve Ryan on Audible for a list of his other audiobook narrations.