Love Poems: Are You The One?  



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‘’Love Poems: Are You The One?’’ digs deep into the heart of love. These poems and insights are written in a way that most people will relate to. There are many questions that people ask about love. Here are some of those questions. When am I going to find ‘’The One’’? Is the person that I’m with ‘’The One’’? Are we going to work out? How does this person feel about me? What does this person think about me? This book addresses many love situations. It will answer some of the questions that people want answered. 

Most people have gone through some type of experience involving love. Some people get lucky and find the right person for them and they spend the rest of their lives with that person. Other people are not so lucky and they go through different experiences from falling in love to heartbreak. And after the heartbreak, the famous questions arise, ‘’Will We Reconnect?’’ or ‘’Should I Just Move on?. ‘’Love Poems: Are You The One?’’ addresses those different experiences and cycles that people go through. 





Some Customer Reviews from Amazon


5.0 out of 5 stars Touched my heart 

 By Katy Childs

Wow is the only word that can truly describe what I feel about this book. I'm going through a heartbreak right now and that's my favorite chapter in it. This author described exactly what I felt. It's like therapy reading this book, I feel better.

5.0 out of 5 stars Wow I'm amazed 

By Alyssa Friedman
What an amazing powerful read. I'm speechless and shocked. Steve Ryan writes so well. I felt so emotions reading this book. I'm currently going through a very emotional breakup, so the heartbreak poems in the book really is helping me to get through this difficult time. I read a lot of different books, but it's something special about this one that really touched my heart. I felt like Steve was talking directly to me. I'm going to recommend this book to my family and friends.

5.0 out of 5 stars Steve Ryan Defines Love Through Words 
By Michael
As a married man and father of 2 boys whom I adore I find my wife & I lose touch. This book of poetry rekindled that love I felt when we met over 10 years ago. If you do not have love what do you have? Steve Ryan articulates this with such grace and truth I am in awe. Love this book and will refer to it often..



Samples From The Book




Where are you my one? (Available on Amazon Get Your Copy Today!! Click Here)

I can see you

Your image is in my head

We met in my dreams

Although we’ve never met


I can envision your beauty

In many ways it turns me on

I feel this so strong

This feeling can’t be wrong


I can picture us together side by side

You’re everything to me, my heart is open wide

I can see us talking about so many things

I can see us picking out our wedding rings


You’re the one for me and I am for you

The spark we feel gives away the clues

When I’m around you, I can’t help but smile

You complete me; I want us to have a child


The love that we feel it is so rare

The passion that we feel makes our eyes glare

When we finally meet, this will be our truth

Where are you my one, where do I find you?





How dare you say I’m blind?

I know that you’re a liar

You lie to me all the time

My rage builds up like fire

If you had to cheat

Then why didn't you just leave?

Why hold on to me?

Let’s end this with some dignity


I knew something was going on

Your body language tells it all

You were acting different and distant

And then you made the wrong call

It’s funny how the truth always comes out

There’s no way to deny it

Your mistake revealed what was in the dark

And now there is no more trying


There is no excuse

To cause so much pain

I just wanted honesty

But all you’ve brought is shame

You broke up our happy home

Your deception did us wrong

I hope it was all worth it

No one’s in your corner and you’re alone

I gave you every opportunity

To end what we had

You begged me to stay with you

Why would you cheat after that?




I’m Sorry for the Mixed Signals  (Available on Amazon Get Your Copy Today!! Click Here)

We met each other recently

It was a nice meet

What am I supposed to feel?

How do I know if this is true love?


We bonded so nice

You were very attractive

I can’t find anything wrong

Is this too good to be true?


I could see myself falling in love with you

But I’m an idiot, I backed off from you

I went cold and I went silent

I let fear take over and didn’t know what to do


I know you’re probably wondering what went wrong

You didn’t do anything to deserve this sad song

Maybe I was too caught up in my own dream

You were finally here and all I did was freeze


I had this idea of what my true love would be

You were very close to that reality

To be honest, it scared me

I’m in so much shock, I just can’t believe


What should I do?

What should I say?

I can’t expect you to understand

Or to give me a break


I’m sorry for the mixed signals

I was wrong

I didn’t mean to hurt you

 I’m just used to being alone




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