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Life Destiny is a very interesting concept. It’s a question that people often ask themselves. I've even asked myself questions about my own Life Destiny. What is my purpose here? Where am I headed in my life? Why do people treat me this way? Why did it happen to me? What is the meaning of it all? When it comes to Life Destiny, the questions are endless. 

This book will take you through a journey through some of the different stages of Life Destiny. The voyage of this book starts off with the inspiring chapter of ‘’Turning Lemons into Lemonade.’’ Then we will venture into the anger land of ‘’Ticked Off.’’ After that, we will calm down, breathe and we’ll arrive at ‘’Letting Life Flow.’’ After we are flowing for some time, we will be pulled into the sea of ‘’Depression.’’ Once we survive this, we will finally arrive at the last chapter of this book, ‘’What Does Life Mean?’’ 

The up and down cycles of life have touched us all at some point in our lives. It’s like a roller coaster ride that’s unpredictable. I've experienced this before. One minute my life was going great and then all of a sudden, an obstacle was thrown my way. During those times, I have asked myself these questions. What do I do? How do I handle it? How have others handled it? In some cases, knowing other people’s experiences with similar situations can bring clarity. This has helped me with some of my life decisions. Obstacles will come. That’s a fact. It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when. The outcome can be affected by the decision of how it is managed. We will explore these things and more throughout this book. So fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride through this book of Life Destiny. 




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5.0 out of 5 stars Recommended Reading, More than just another self help book!  


 By Ms July


After reading Steve's books I always get the sense that I can really achieve almost anything if I set myself on a clear path. Life Destiny is one of those books that keeps you captivated, he knows, he's been there... and he can help you figure out some of your most important decisions that you'll make. It's not some hocus pocus feel good remedy, it carries weight and if you really let the words sink in you will not be disappointed. A must read not just for Steve Ryan fans, but for all of us who are seeking greater meaning in our lives.

4.0 out of 5 stars If you feel like me, let this book inspire you 

By Michael

I must admit that lately I have been feeling out of touch. You go day by day and work, sleep, and eat. There has got to be more to life. I cannot put this book down and I do not plan to. Steve Ryan has such a way with words and this book is a winner. If you feel like me, let this book inspire you.

5.0 out of 5 stars FIVE STARS 

By B Tonka
Great book, features all aspects of life, whether love, joy, hurt or's a great read and very inspirational!



Samples From The Book




The Struggle (Available on Amazon. Get Your Copy Today!! Click Here)


The struggle seem never ending

Does it have to be this hard to survive?

Why is it so difficult to succeed?

Every time I turn around, another problem finds its way to me


I keep coming across discouraging predicaments

Was this the harvest of something that I did in my past?

I work so hard but nothing gives in

How much longer is this going to last?


All of the pressure on me is very taxing

Although my outside appearance indicate the opposite

My inside is one that is on the verge of collapsing

I want to have hope, but does hope even exist?


At what point will this hardship end?

I have to find a way to get through it

What will it take for my overcoming to begin?

I need an answer, I feel so clueless


I think of the future and I say to myself

How will my life be in a few years?

Will my struggle be the same?

I don’t want it to exist

My decision has been made

I’m choosing to overcome it


I search and I search within myself for my will

I need it to survive all battles that are coming my way

When can I live my life? 

I need some worry free days


The story of my struggle

Drives me insane

I can’t take it anymore

Things have to change


I’m going to change my mindset

I will stand up and fight

It’s pointless for me to stay upset

When I have a vision of my future in plain sight


No more, no more, no more

This is what I will say

To any negative influences that attack me

Nothing will take my resolve away


I will not continue to struggle

I will break these chains, one circumstance at a time

When things appear to be near their end

That’s when I’ll know that my breakthrough will begin

I will enjoy my struggle free mind





I have achieved real clarity today

Although these thoughts have hit my mind

Challenges will remain along my way

I know inside the steps that I need to take

It doesn’t make it easier to get through each day

At least I can have a good positive start

That’s better than being stuck in time like art


I must take one day at a time

I can be happy and unwind

I will surround myself with good thoughts and not stress

I have to ensure that I survive my own emotional mess

Life doesn’t have to be so difficult

It doesn’t have to be so hard

It’s all about managing the things that make up who we are


I hope I won’t cave in to my endless sacrifice

It’s my goal to wake up without stress

I can achieve letting go of my negative past

And use it as a positive forward learning experience

I want to be able to avoid great sadness

It’s possible to achieve the ultimate satisfaction

Everything will be ok within me


There have been enough emotions of being depressed

It’s a fight each step so that happiness isn’t suppressed

This spirit of resignation will not have its way

I am a warrior and I will take charge and have my say

Although it may sound a little cliché

But hey, cliché can be good, although sometimes its bad

It’s all in what you make of it, it not always so sad


This is the real clarity that I have achieved

I will start today by looking at this like a need

Applying this clarity will be a little hard

But hard doesn’t mean impossible

The reward is great by far

This is a war that I will win

My clarity gives me strength on which I can depend




How dare you say what you said to me?

You think you can talk to me that way?

My frustration inside is ready to release

You’re the boiling point of my day


The first issue that I have with you

Is your condescending tone

You just continue to go on and on

Grrrr, just leave me alone


What is your problem?

Tell me, what is your deal?

I don’t get why you are acting this way

Will you listen to my appeal?


I’m really trying not to hate you

But you are pushing me to that point

What has gotten into you?

Do you need to go smoke a joint?


I’m not advocating you to do this

But something has got to give

You need a better way to deal with your issues

I’m not your therapist, let’s get real


How dare you disrespect me?

You narcissistic fool

You better tread carefully

You’re about to get schooled


I’m going to put you in your place

This will be the last time

There is no coming back from this

I will accept no apologies in my mind


You can’t go on treating people this way

This isn’t the way to be

You have to be aware of what you say

How dare you talk like this to me


I am done with you

Believe me this is real

I’m cutting you off, there’s no more talk

You don’t exist to me, here’s the goodbye seal




(Available on Amazon. Get Your Copy Today!! Click Here)