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What if your family had drama on the holidays? What if one of your family members or friends embarrassed you during the holidays? What if you were shopping for the holidays and there was a shocking moment? Christmas Poetry for Everyone dives into some of these moments and stories. What was your funniest holiday moment? Yes, you’re laughing now thinking about it. Hold on that laughter, because Christmas Poetry for Everyone has some comedic poems as well that you will love. Enjoy the read! -- 





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5.0 out of 5 stars inspirational.  




This collection of poetry by Steve Ryan is inspirational, and it paints a picture for people to see the positive side of situations. It reminds us how Christmas memories are so imbedded in our minds. Some good memories and some not so good memories but all teaching moments. A feel good escape for all to enjoy.

5.0 out of 5 stars Charming 

By Healthy Mama

This is a book of poems from the heart that are accesible and easy to relate to for anyone who has a family and who celebrates Christmas! Highly recommended!

5.0 out of 5 stars Inspirational. 

By MJK "M. Katasonova"
A wonderful books of poetry that we all can related to during the holiday season. I highly recommend this book.



Samples From The Book




I Can't Believe The Chaos (Available on Amazon. Get Your Copy Today!! Click Here)



The madness erupts. What’s going on?

There’s so much chaos. What’s so wrong?

I was standing in line at the front of the store.

Everyone was losing patience.

They were saying, ‘’hurry, open the door.’’

The doors opened, the marathon race begins.

People rushed in with the desire to win.


Their carts were filled with electronics.

This was the result of economics.

The ads made these products high in demand.

Even a person without logic would understand.


The holiday sale brought the mass numbers out.

They’re ready to buy and won’t leave without.

People will respond to the authority in command.

The authority is their urges that come from within.


All of the shoppers were ready to fight.

As soon as they saw only one toy left in sight.

I couldn’t believe I saw a mom get into a fight.

Just moments before, she was talking so nice.


Someone stepped in front of where she stands.

She responded by slapping him with her hand.

This was the chaos of the after Thanksgiving sale.

This was the day, that peace and harmony failed.





Family Drama   (Available on Amazon. Get Your Copy Today!! Click Here)

As the holiday time comes to mind.

I am not looking forward to it.

It’s because during last Christmas.

My family had an argument.

It caused great tension and despair.

I shouted the words, I don’t care.

And now we all have doubt.

We don’t believe things will work out.


Am I seeing the glass half empty?

Does it need to be filled?

What will happen to my loved ones?

Will I choose to forgive?

Thanksgiving is perfect for this.

I can connect with my family again.

I will find a solution that’s positive.

Releasing anger is a better way to live.


Christmas In The Bar   (Available on Amazon. Get Your Copy Today!! Click Here)


Have you ever spent Christmas in a bar?

Having drinks and listening to a guitar?

I went through this one time before.

I missed my flight and was stuck in Singapore.


There was a bar in the airport hotel.

I decided to spend part of my Christmas there.

Some people were drinking.

Others were doing karaoke singing.


It actually turned out to be fun.

There was gambling, someone yelled ‘’I won.’’

All of a sudden some guys walked in.

They had a look with a smirk and grin.


They were up to something, it was easy to tell.

And that moment, peace in the bar fell.

A fight broke out, they struck with their hands.

Blood was coming out and chaos set in.

The police arrived and broke it all up.

As they questioned everyone, we all were stuck.


After that happened the bar went back to normal.

No one was nervous, they acted so informal.

Was this a regular scene in this particular bar?

This Christmas Day stands out by far.




(Available on Amazon. Get Your Copy Today!! Click Here)